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We are going to the Vex IQ World event!

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Our team won the Amaze award at our state competition this year. This earned them a spot to go to the coveted "World's" event. We will be taking 11 students and be in the company of 400 teams from literally all over the world.

The competition will be held in Louisville, KY, April 28-30th. So we don't have much time to fundraise!

Here is the breakdown of what we will need:

1. Registration fee is $975
2. Meals for the team while at competition for 3 days (approximately $600-700)
3. Kentucky Kingdom team party ($600-depends if we get early bird pricing or not)
4. It is customary for teams to hand out "swag" with team name, home location, etc. (approx. $200)
5. It is customary for teams to dress up/themed booth/team shirts with our team numbers printed on them (approximately $40 per student for $440)
6. Hotel expenses for coaches/mentors (volunteers) $1000
6. Miscellaneous extras..any money left over from our actual costs will go to cover the cost of the new game for 2019 and then go into our robotics fund for next year.

***All donations are tax deductible, you will receive a receipt upon completion of your donation***


Of our $4000 goal funded





Suggested Giving Levels


Pays for 1-2 meals for a student during competition


Pays for 2 tickets for the Kentucky Kingdom team party.


Greatly impacts every member!


Pays for our team's registration fee.

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